Question: How much is wedding in Manila Cathedral?

The Manila Cathedral offers wedding packages starting at P42,000 with air conditioning (P32,000 without air-conditioning), including lighting of the cathedral’s romantic chandeliers.

How much does a wedding cost in Manila?

Wedding Budget in the Philippines: Cost Estimate per Expense

Wedding Checklist Estimated Budget
Wedding Venue and Catering PHP 50,000 to PHP 300,000 for 100 pax
Entertainment PHP 5,000 to PHP 45,000
Reception PHP 50,000 to PHP 150,000
Wedding Attire PHP 3,000 to PHP 100,000

How much is the wedding package in the Philippines?

A complete wedding entourage rental package can cost around ₱25,000 to ₱50,000.

How can I get married in church Philippines?

Ultimate Guide to Catholic Church Wedding Requirements in the Philippines

  1. 1 New Baptismal and Confirmation Certificates.
  2. 2 Marriage License Application Form.
  3. 3 Canonical Interview.
  4. 4 Certificate of Attendance to a Pre-Marriage seminar.
  5. 5 Wedding/Marriage Permit.
  6. 6 Church Wedding/Marriage Banns.

How can I save money for my wedding in the Philippines?

Here’s How You Can Save Extra Money Even With Your Wedding Expenses

  1. Eat out less, and opt for date nights indoors. …
  2. Turn your coffee budget into a future travel fund or whatever fund suits your lifestyle. …
  3. Set saving goals and rules to abide by. …
  4. Hold off on shopping. …
  5. Sell old items you don’t use.
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How do you plan a wedding on a small budget in the Philippines?

10 Tips for Planning a Wedding on a Budget

  1. Plan it yourself. …
  2. List your priorities. …
  3. Keep the guest list small. …
  4. Shop around. …
  5. Ask your friends for their help. …
  6. Choose a less expensive venue. …
  7. Make your own wedding invitations. …
  8. Take your time choosing your hair and makeup artist.

What are the requirements to marry a foreigner in the Philippines?

Any foreign national who wishes to marry in the Philippines is required by the Philippine Government to obtain from his/her Embassy or Consulate in the Philippines, a Certificate of Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage before filing an application for a marriage license.

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