Quick Answer: Are Indonesian Ibanez guitars good?

As someone who owns an Ibanez Premium Universe (Indonesian) and a Prestige RG655 (Japanese), they’re pretty good imo, at least when you get to the Premium line (which I think is what you’re talking about if you’re looking at spending over a grand) I’d say the main difference between the MiI and MiJ stuff is …

Are Indonesian guitars Any Good?

Indonesia and Mexico

You’re sure to get a reliable, gig-worthy guitar by modern standards. … More guitars built equals less time spent in quality control, all the while using cheaper woods and hardware than their American counterparts.

Are Indonesian guitars better than Chinese?

All of the Indonesian Squiers I’ve had are/were better built than the China guitars that preceded them. Fretwork is a lot better. Guitar to guitar variation is much lower/better.

Are Ibanez guitars bad?

Ibanez do make very high quality guitars, and your friend is hugely misinformed about them, especially saying that most guitarists don’t like them. Ibanez is extremely popular. Ibanez Gio is only slightly bad. This is because its cheap.

Why are American made guitars better?

As a general rule, American-made guitars, particularly electrics, are better made and of higher quality. The reason isn’t because Americans are better at making guitars. The main reason is because America uses foreign factories to make the lower priced economy models.

Are Chinese guitars any good?

Just because a guitar is Chinese made does not mean it is poor quality. Far from it. … The factories these guitars come out of have quality control and that is something many of the knock off outfits don’t have. I have seen and tried a fair few Chinese replica guitars in my time.

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Are Epiphone guitars made in Indonesia?

After 1996, Epiphones were built by the Peerless Guitars Co. … It is said those guitars were made in Indonesia under license from Unsung Korea.

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