What makes trade and with it the exchange of culture people and ideas between Bangkok and Seattle possible?

I think sea-borne transportation that developed makes possible the exchange of goods, cultures, and ideas between the countries bordering the Pacific Ocean. These sea routes became established beginning in the 16th century and grew with the European contacts with Japan and China in the 19th century.

What makes trade and with it the exchange of cultural?

Trade spreads ideas and culture because it involves people moving from place to place around the world as they trade. As they move, they (and the people they meet) come into contact with new ideas and cultural practices.

What do Bangkok and Seattle have in common?

Answer: D. Both have effective and growing mass transit systems.

What are some examples of cultural exchange?

Examples of cultural exchange programs include student exchanges, sports exchanges, and scholarly or professional exchanges, among many others. While many exchange programs are funded by the government, many others are private-sector organizations, either non-profit or for-profit.

How does culture affect foreign trade?

Language and cultural differences are the major cost factors hindering the development of international trade. The larger the differences, the higher the trade costs will be. Previous studies have shown that multinational companies tend to trade with countries that have common languages and similar cultures.

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What problems do Bangkok and Seattle share?

Air pollution levels in Bangkok and Seattle can be so high that schools even close. – Bangkok and Seattle are known to be cities with some of the worst traffic in the world. – Education is a fundamental part of Thailand’s development engine. About 20% of the total state budget goes to education.

How are Seattle and Bangkok different check all that apply?

Answer: The correct answers are: Bangkok is much larger than Seattle; and Bangkok is building skyscrapers much faster than Seattle.

What are the good ways for cultural exchange?

21 Ways to Make the Most of Your Cultural Exchange Experience

  • Develop an open mind. …
  • Become more independent. …
  • Appreciate new perspectives and ways of living. …
  • Meet people from all over the world. …
  • Travel within the United States. …
  • Improve your English language skills. …
  • Learn new teaching methods.

What is an example of exchange?

An example of to exchange is to gift Christmas gifts at the company office party. An example of to exchange is to trade vegetables from your garden for cookies with your neighbor. An example of to exchange is to trade in your money for Euros while traveling in Europe. To give and receive reciprocally; interchange.

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