What two rivers flow through Myanmar?

The Irrawaddy River arises by the confluence of the N’mai (Nam Gio) and Mali Rivers in Kachin State. Both the N’mai and Mali Rivers find their sources in the Himalayan glaciers of Upper Burma near 28° N.

What are the names of two rivers found in Myanmar?

Myanmar’s two major rivers are the Chindwin and the Irrawaddy River. Article about the Gulf of Mottama where four major rivers, the Ayeyarwady, Yangon, Sittaung, and Thanlwin (Salween), deliver sediment into the Andaman Sea arm.

Which river is the shortest in Myanmar?

Irrawaddy River

Irrawaddy River ဧရာဝတီမြစ်
Country Myanmar
Cities Myitkyina, Mandalay, Bhamo
Physical characteristics
Source Ridong Qu headwaters, southeast Tibet, China: The geographical source.

How many big rivers are there in Myanmar?

Longest Rivers In Myanmar (Burma)

Rank Longest Rivers in Myanmar (Burma) Total Length
1 Mekong 2,703 miles (shared with 5 other countries)
2 Salween 1,491 miles (shared with Thailand and China)
3 Irrawaddy 1,348 miles
4 Chindwin 750 miles

What is the capital of Myanmar?

How many rivers are there in Laos?

Main rivers that have bigger catchmentarea of more than 5000 km², are the following 11 rivers: Nam Ou River Basin is located Northern region, Lao PDR; Nam Suang is located Northern region; Nam Khan is located Lang Prabang Province; Nam Ngum is located Northern-Central part; Nam Nhiep are located Phonesavan of …

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