You asked: Why is Japanese curry powder much milder than the Indian or Thai ones?

Japanese curry is one of the best comfort dishes you can possibly imagine. Unfortunately, the powder mix to make it is not always available if you live outside of Japan. … This makes a curry powder that is much milder than the Indian or Thai ones since there are no spicy ingredients such as hot pepper powder.

What’s the difference between Thai curry and Japanese curry?

So the main difference is that Japanese curry takes British curry powder and adds stock with a thickener in the form of flour, while Thai Gaeng curry takes British curry powder and basically adds Gaeng ped (usually translated as “red curry”) to it, which adds complexity to the flavor.

Why is Japanese curry not spicy?

What makes Japanese Curry different from other Asian curries? Because Japanese people are not used to eating spicy foods, curry in Japan has a balancing sweetness that’s added using ingredients such as fruit, honey, or even sugar. Because it includes a fat and flour roux, it’s also much thicker than most curries.

What is the best mild curry powder?

Best Sellers in Curry Powders

  1. #1. Rani Curry Powder Mild Natural 10-Spice Blend 85g (3oz) ~ Salt Free | NO Chili or Peppers |… …
  2. #2. Rani Curry Powder Mild Natural 10-Spice Blend 1lb (16oz) ~ Salt Free | Vegan | No Colors |… …
  3. #3. McCormick Curry Powder, 1 lb. …
  4. #4. …
  5. #5. …
  6. #6. …
  7. #7. …
  8. #8.
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Is Japanese curry better than Indian?

The flavor of curry from Japan is sweeter than the Indian variety and is umami-rich. Japanese curry is commonly made using a packet curry mix and is accompanied by sticky Uruchimai rice.

Summary comparison table.

Factor Japanese Curry Indian Curry
Spice levels Mild to medium Mild to very hot

Is Japanese curry roux healthy?

Comparing to spicy Indian or Thai curries, Japanese curry is much less spicy. It’s milder and sadly much more unhealthy.. Japanese curry contains high amount of fat, especially the roux is high in carbs, sugar and fat. Moreover, it’s usually served with rice.

Is Thai curry better the next day?

The flavor molecules have time to diffuse into various parts of the food that’s been simmered. This is true of all simmered or braised dishes, be they soups, chilis, stews, curries. All taste better the next day. Pretty much any stew will taste better the next day as the flavors blend while it sits.

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